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One of the most emblematic symbols of the city of Bansko

One of the symbols of Bansko is the church of St. Trinity located in the center of the city, creating a unique ringing of bells. The church, which is one of the largest Orthodox churches in Bulgaria and is among the most visited landmarks in the city by many tourists. The church “Rev. Paisius of Hilendar”. The church is a three-nave pseudo-basilica built in 1835 by local craftsmen. It has been declared an architectural-historical monument.

At the main entrance of the temple you can see a Christian cross and the Turkish crescent – a symbol of tolerance between the two religions. The painting of the temple-monument is associated with the names of famous masters from the Debar art school – Usta Velyan Ognev, and the icons were painted by the famous masters of the Ban icon painting school, Dimitar and Simeon Molerovi. He made the cross of the crucifixion and the throne, the large beautiful iconostasis icons are the work of Simeon Molerov.

A bell tower in the temple was built later in 1850 by Usta (Master) Gligor Dokov. It is 30 meters high and is a symbol of the city of Bansko, on which a clock was installed in 1866 by master Todor Hadjiradov. The temple complex has been identified as one of the most significant achievements of the Ban culture during the Renaissance. Its majestic silhouette impresses every tourist.

Until the construction of the St. Alexander Nevsi Church in the city of Sofia, the Holy Trinity Church was considered the largest Orthodox church in the country.

For tourists who want to see this Orthodox temple and other sights around the area, they can stay in one of the luxurious and well-furnished hotels in Bansko. Offering extremely modern bases and spa centers with a wide range of wellness procedures. Apart from the fact that not the most preferred winter ski resort is popular with mineral springs, this makes it a spa resort station. The numerous tourist attractions in the area and the good accommodation conditions make Bansko stand out as the most preferred winter ski destination.

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